The Level 4 Course lasts for three terms and consists of three major stages - Exploratory, Pathway and Confirmatory.

The first two stages are tutor led and the third stage is self-initiated.

Stage 1 - Units 1 & 2. Researching, Recording, Responding and Media Experimentation in Art & Design.

Stage 2 - Units 3, 7,8 & 9. Preparation & Progression, Information & Interpretation, Personal Experimental Studies, and Extended Media Development.

Stage 3 -  Unit 10 Final major Project.

Additionally you will need to :-  Seek relevant work experience. Apply for University/Employment. Participate in Art study trips and Gallery/Museum visits. Be aware of contemporary Art & Design initiatives. Extended reading is also a necessary requirement.

You must create an extenive and diverse portfolio of art/design evidence as part of the course requirements. You will need to confidently present (both visually and verbally) to a variety of different audiences. 

Successful completion to this course will be to gain a place at a relevant University or directly into Employment.