What to do in an emergency.

Instructions on where to go and what to do if there is a fire or a similar incident. Especially if the situation requires evacuation of the site.

Please take the time to look through and read this carefully.

A one stop shop for resources that will support you to be a better student and hopefully a wiser individual.

Online Safety is all about how to be, and stay, healthy, wealthy and wise when using the web or any device that is attached to the web. Take a look around and you may be surprised at what you know and what is out there.

Any documents that are used frequently or contain information that is essential.

Wellbeing is all about how to make sure we take care of ourselves in the real world. With the demands of a busy modern life we sometimes do not take the right precautions to ensure we stay healthy, happy and content. Take a look through this section for handy hints, tips and links to advice from around the web and within the student services team.